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想必大家应该都看过Christopher Nolan在2014年上映的Interstellar《星际效应》吧! 这部电影讲述了即将毁灭的地球, 人类只能寻找其他可以适合人居住的星球

在这段星际旅程穿越了黑洞到了其他的银河系, 因为物理原因, 造成太空人与记续待在地球上的人有了时间上的不同, 里面的人性, 亲情, 与大爱让不少观众热泪盈眶.


旺小宅对于剧情也是十分的动容, 但今天就星际旅行的可行性, 旺小宅想来做一个现实层面的讨论:

Right, so you’ve decided to travel to the nearest star system for whatever reason: the destruction of Earth, escaping your psychotic ex, or tax evasion, whichever. You’ve got your eyes on Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to the sun. It’s not as far as you would like to go from said psychotic ex and the IRS, but it’s a good start for now.

So how in the bloody hell are you supposed to get there?

Well, your father has provided you with a small loan of unlimited funds. Figure it out.


For starters, let’s split the methods between conventional and nonconventional physics.
Conventional physics is physics within our current understanding that does not allow for wormholes, bending space, or faster than light travel.
Sounds manageable.
So you hit up your homeboy, Elon Musk, and ask him for one of them fancy Falcon rockets. Homeboy Musk promptly tells you that chemical rockets are way too inefficient for interstellar travel, so he recommends to you nuclear rockets, the endgame of a nuclear propulsion project named Project Orion in the 50s, where you detonate miniature nuclear bombs behind you for acceleration. Sounds a bit too risky, so you decide to opt for another, safer option: the Ion drive, which uses electricity to push ions (charged particles) for acceleration. It’s a slower, like, a lot slower, but at least you won’t be sitting on a pile of armed nukes.
There’s another problem.
Alpha Centauri is far away. Like. Really. Far. Away. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the in-flight entertainment we’ll be arriving at our destination in a FEW THOUSAND YEARS.
Yeah….no. Unconventional physics it is then.

Interstellar primary1(图片出自:Empire



Well, big daddy Einstein said nothing can surpass the speed of light, but there are methods around this rule that won’t piss Einstein off too badly. Theoretical physicist, Miguel Alcubierre introduced the idea of compressing the space in front of a starship and expanding it behind it to accelerate, allowing a starship to theoretically travel faster than the speed of light. There’s just one problem. We have absolutely no clue on how to make one. But wait! Einstein also proposed the concept of wormholes, which would allow objects to travel through tunnels at different points in space. Recent discoveries suggest that it might be feasible, however, we’ve only been able to test this idea with a limited scope on magnetic fields, and practical applications for this concept is still a few science fiction novels away.
So that sucks, I guess you’re stuck here for the next hundred years. Just go buy some whiskey or something and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Cheers.




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