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入门级梦幻逸品- 2018 BMW M系

BMW 宝马

M     Serise 

Sheer Driving Pleasure

旺小宅想必广大男性对于车的爱应该是仅次于对女人的爱, 有些更着迷的男人可能比对女人还爱!! 感谢科技, 让车子的性能跟外观上不断的满足了男人们对动力与速度的幻想.


作为入门级的梦幻逸品, 今天旺小宅要来带大家看到的是BMW宝马的M系列!! 如果一样是对车有喜好跟研究的旺粉, 应该都知道宝马最经典的3系5系7系依照大小动力性能等作为等级上的区分, 而M系列就是每个系列中引擎等各种调校的高性能版本, 且这个诞生于赛道的出生背景, 让追求更多驾驶乐趣的且追求速度的宝马迷们有一个野心上的更大满足!

So, you’re a thirty to fifty something year old male who has recently gone through divorce and suddenly find yourself having a lot of money and free time so you decided to purchase a performance BMW that you’ve always wanted but never bought because you were afraid that your wife was going to divorce you and take your children and your car. Well, nothing you can do about the children, but might as well get that BMW now that you’re divorced.

(图片出自:Performance Drive)

不多说, 就从M家族小弟M3, M4



Right, let’s start with the M3 and M4, probably one of the most popular performance vehicles ever. Starting with the 1986 E30 M3, BMW has won itself quite the fanatical fanbase. Having produced the somewhat affordable, rear-wheel-drive beast that it is, it’s no wonder each iteration of BMW’s iconic M3 have been met with adoration and fanaticism. The current generation, the F80, and the F82 in the form of the M4, has ditched the 4.0 liter V8 found in the previous E90 in favor of a higher torque twin turbo 3.0 liter inline 6, producing roughly 425 horsepower as standard. The F80 M3 starts at $64,000 for a base model, with the average M3 costing around $75,000~ with options. But here’s the thing about M3s: they depreciate. As of now, you can get a 2015 F80 with around 25,000 miles loaded with options for around $50,000 on Bimmerpost.


Sounds great! Let’s go get one!





Hold your horses, 30-50-year-old man. The M3 is for spoiled high schoolers whose daddies own law firms or whatever and 20-something-year-old IT guys who think they’re too good for a WRX but can’ t yet afford a GT3. You need something more elegant, and classier. Worry not, sir, for I have the perfect BMW for you. I introduce to you, the M5. (Trumpet flare). The M5, otherwise known as the M3′s bigger, meaner older brother, makes around 560 horsepower from a 4.4 liter V8. The upcoming F90, however, is rumored to make around 600 hp. Anyways, now that the M5 F10 is on its way out to be replaced by the F90 in a couple of months, you should probably just wait, either to get an F90 for around a hundred grand or to get a depreciated F10 for around as $45,000. It’s up to you.


宝马 M新的一季不仅马力上得到一个新的提升, 近年来宝马在内饰中的用心也是有目共睹! 旺小编看着M家族运动气息浓厚的外表, 还有浑厚好听的声浪, 你是不是跟我一样已经心动的不行不行的了呢?! 今年明年还有好多好车也大改版上市, 继续锁定旺部落跟着旺小宅继续看下去!


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