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AMD VIntel

在2017, 两大CPU处理器品牌AMD与Intel又开始为这个主机的市场各出杀手锏了. AMD在前半年就已经推出了Ryzen 5跟7两大系列的处理器, 概括了4核心到8核心的主流市场. 而Intel也推出了7代Kaby Lake, 不管是core i5还是i7都在原有的6代基础上优化了不管是画质, 绘图, 硬体边解码, 还是省电的部分. 那么在2017年这场战, 旺小宅自己对于电脑方面也是十分有兴趣, 如何针对每个人的需求而去比较这两家厂牌的利弊呢? 快来看看旺小编研究的成果吧!

(图片出自:The Guru of 3D)

AMD’s Ryzen r7 lineup released on March 2nd for a very competitive price, crushing Intel in its showcasing benchmarks and forcing its Intel counterparts to lower their prices to avoid being completely run over by the Ryzen hype train. The new r7 and r5 series elevated AMD from the grim world of budget builds into the glorious market for enthusiasts. So how does the two compare?

Well, it depends on what you’re using them for.



In a nutshell, if you want to play games, get the Intel. Applications such as most games and earlier iterations productivity software which can only utilize one core will benefit from Intel’s more powerful individual cores. The 7700k’s higher clock speeds of 4.2 GHz base when compared to the 1700′s 3.0 GHz base means that the 7700k will demolish the Ryzen at any running most games or any single core applications.

That being said, while the 7700k is no slouch when it comes to multi-core processing, workloads which are multi-core intensive, such as running VMs, video/image rendering, or video conversions, the 1700′s 8 cores means that in processes utilizing all or more than 4 cores the 1700 will have a significant advantage over its counterpart. Future softwares are moving towards supporting multi-core processing, so having the 1700 will most likely be beneficial in the long run.

(图片出自:PC Glorious)

While the r7 and i7 heavyweights are beating each other to a pulp, what about the r5 and i5 that are geared towards more budget builds? Well, AMD took a crap on intel’s monopoly in that section as well. The r5, priced almost exactly the same as the i5, offers consumers significantly better multi-core performance than the i5, upsetting Intel’s long-reigning dominance in the mid-tier and budget minded.

Now, we have to take note that because Ryzen and its AM4 board are relatively new and don’t have the same cooling mounts as the AMD’s previous AM3 boards, most cooling systems that are compatible with AMD’s AM3 or any Intel boards, will not be compatible with the AM4 without additional different mounting brackets. Additionally, Ryzen Zen architecture is the underdog novelty in the market, so they do have some compatibility issues and bugs that will fade out once the system matures. AM4 boards are also limited in variety, as they are newly introduced.

(图片出自:PC Glorious)

以上旺小宅是以玩游戏的需求角度来评比AMDRyzen 1700Intel7700k的,









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