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运动界荣耀盛事 旺小宅谈谈ESPY

相对奥斯卡颁奖典礼而言, ESPY就是体育界中比拟影视界奥斯卡奖的盛典ESPY全称Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly, 是由美国ESPN电视台于1993年创办的体育奖项, 通常分为最佳球员奖以及最佳表现奖, 透过ESPN网站上由网民公开投票选出。


Imagine your favorite actor/actress swaggering down the red carpet wearing outlandish and flamboyant outfits marked by the frequent white staccatos of camera flashes from the press. Now imagine the same thing except everyone is a bit taller, fitter and more stern looking. Welcome to the ESPY Awards ceremony.


ESPY Awards, presented by the television network, ABC, is the Academy Awards for sports and features the best athletes and celebrity the industries have to offer. Since its inception in 1993, the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards has risen to become contemporaries with other prestigious events such as the Grammys or the Emmys. ESPY nominees, chosen by a nominating committee, were featured in one of the most extravagant events to be featured on television.

The awards are split into two sections: awards for best players and awards for best performances. Best player awards are given to one male and one female individual who have achieved stunning records in their respective sports and sport segments. Best performance awards are given to teams and individuals who have performed spectacular feats both on and off season. Some performance awards include best comebackbest upset, and best team. These individuals/teams were chosen based on open polls on the ESPN website.

以往ESPN大奖曾颁布过给各大著名运动员, 包括: 迈克尔菲尔普斯勒布朗詹姆斯路易斯汉密尔顿等曾获得此殊荣。那么今年各大奖项到底奖落谁家呢?!继续把旺小宅的文章看下去~


ESPY nominees are chosen among the world’s most prominent athletes, ranging from swimming legend Michael Phelps and NBA star LeBron James to Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton. Winners for this year’s ESPYS awards winners includeRussel Westbrook, NBA, for best male athlete, Simone Biles, Gymnastics, for best female athlete and other sections such as Lewis Hamilton for best driver. Awards are not only given to individual athletes, but also to games as well as teams. For example, this year’s best game was awarded to Patriots vs Falcons in the Super Bowl and this year’s best teams award was given to the Golden State Warriors, NBA.


Despite having its roots in New York, ESPY Awards 2017 took place at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Wanna attend next year? Tickets will are on sale from $115 to $600. VIP seating can even cost upwards of $5000.








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