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炒股投资赚钱 练习后再上路!





一般来说,发达国家的股票市场相对已经成熟且稳定,但若对新兴发展中国家来说,其股票市场还是较不完善且风险较高,但股票本来就是这种“高风险, 高利润”的理财方式。


因此在没有什么经验的情况下, 这就产生了“虚拟证券交易模拟”,帮助大家对于股市有个概念及理解。







What could possibly be more complicated than the European Union, quantum mechanics, and executing the moon landing?

Building a stealth fighter and stocks. Mostly stocks, actually, Lockheed and Northrop has got the stealth fighter thing pretty much figured out, but nobody has yet to develop a method that can consistently make profits from the stock market.

Now, to the average Joe who has got nothing to do with wall street, getting into stocks and investing might seem like a rather difficult task to get started with. Unless you want to just buy an index fund to put your faith in the American industry of whatever or to spend some dough to buy yourself into a hedge fund with a manager, you probably need to manage your portfolio by yourself. Luckily for you, the internet exists and stock simulation games exist on the internet.


Before you start, there are some things I would like you to note. Although simulation games are based on real life stock numbers updated in real time, these games are for educational and entertainment purposes only and allow many discrepancies for the sake of simplicity. 


For example, in simulations, purchases and processes are instantaneous, and all of your purchases and sells are at market price. In the real world, even with all of our algorithms, one still must account for these factors. Therefore, just because you got a %30 profit in one of these games, do not go and invest your entire life savings in the same stocks.


Now that we got that over with, let me introduce you to one of these simulation games: Market Watch’s Virtual Stock Exchange


Players start off with around $100,000 with sales and purchase commissions set at ten dollars as standard. Each game has varied settings for credit interest rates, average debt interest rates, minimum/maximum stock price, and trading volume limit. Admins can also have the options to disable or enable short selling, marginal trading, limit orders, and stop loss trades. These processes, usually much more complicated in real life, are simplified in-game for a smoother educational experience. Players can also join games under the same settings to compete with each other.


That’s about it, go read the rules, join a game, and have fun.

Link to game: http://www.marketwatch.com/game/


这样的一个模拟交易平台,能够为很多资金有限且经验少的用户累积经验值;而对于资金丰厚或是已具有经验的股票玩家, 也是一个平台能够无风险的测试新的交易方式进而学习更多种样的操作模式。




为求简单起见,游戏与现实中的实际操作依然会有些许差异。因此在这样的游戏过程中, 不管是赚是赔, 在现实层面中, 若真的要进行股票的买卖操作, 要谨记一句投资人的老话“鸡蛋不要都放在同一个篮子里”。 


以上, 旺小宅祝你从虚拟世界里一路赚到真实世界里!




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